Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Welcome Back Cotter

Welcome back
To that same old place that you laughed about.

This weeks blog I'm sure will have the staying power of a folksy mediocre 1970's television show. The annals of history have been altered, generations ahead will be learning from this blog in school and marvelling at the sophisticated wordplay and social commentary like the following....
Whilst drugs will make this post more understandable... drugs are bad mkay...

In my last post I mentioned I was partaking in three elements of homework. The bling-bling mentioned previously and the second part I tackled today was getting the cotter pin to fit and cranks to run straight. As I mentioned in an earlier post I ballsed up the essential crank and cotter pin connection. Yet gentle reader, there was still hope with the new cranks and cotter pin! It looked like all was not lost, that indubitably would plummet me into a bottomless pit of despair until even this hilarious video didn't help (the zinger 18 seconds in will have you in stitches).

Now was the real moment of truth could I get it back into some form of shape? After cutting the crank in the last class
I then had to get the crank to match the other side using a grinder then MFTF (my friend the file). I got it the same width but realised the other crank was tapered so from this....

to this

I know you are wondering just how did this happen was it daemons or a wizzard of kinds? Well hold onto your hats and socks my friends it was with MFTF. With this part done I could turn my attention to the mischievous cotter pin holding section (the flat bit cut into the crank). After more time with MFTF I got it to within a poofteenth of being level.

There might or might not been a whole lot of dodgy filing going on.... I'm going to take it to class to discuss how to finish off the tiny change needed to iron out that poofteenth.

Stay tuned gentle reader for the next no doubt mediocre and more than a little folksy post.


  1. (W)Ray's rule of Precision
    Measure with a micrometer, mark with chalk, cut with an axe.

    May I recommend:-

  2. At least we know they aren't related to us.