Monday, 12 December 2011

Ye Old Timey Clothes

Apologies to my loyal reader things will be a little sporatic at the moment with posting. Please teddy bear with me.

Now we built the ordinary bicycle. Time to turn attention to the clothes. Now whilst Lycra is the clothing of choice for a number of cyclist who want to ride further than down to the shop I would like to consider what is appropriate for a bicycle from over 100 years ago.

I have quite a full wardrobe unfortunately as I've been reliably informed by numerous sources including stangers walking down the street they are so out of style that even the Amish would point and laugh at me while pulling on their beards.

Now the options as I see them
- Ask Brett to build the machines to build a DeLorean so I can get some original clothes.
- Break into a museum and borrow the clothes
- Ask my father (just kidding Dad)
Umm that's about it for options. So what is it exactly you wear if you ride a P-far.

Now this below is probably a little scary, for those of weak dispositions I suggest you turn away now. A very good reason why Lycra is frowned upon in the p-far fraternity.
 Yes after that sight you'll need some soothing eye balm that only action men can provide.
Ok now the urge to poke out your eyes has died back on topic.
Tweed is back so they tell me. There are a number of tweed rides around the place including Ipswich however I'm not a slightly built man so I figured finding tweed to fit could be problematic. So what to do what to do. I know the answer as always is at Lowes!
Now in the mid 90's I visited a shop that happened to be selling ex-formal wear. I thought wow clothes that others have left their DNA all over I gots to get me some of that action. So i bought a few items if memory serves me correct the total cost was around $8 for the shirt, tie, patent leather soled shoes, and cummerbund (not shown in this picture) and they threw in the DNA for no charge. The Lowes component was more expensive in fact the socks were $13! They now hold the title by far as the most expensive socks I own. Apparently the bus drivers complain if Lowes don't keep long socks in stock! And the award for the cheapest part of my outfit was the wedgie which I got for free. I do hope to improve on the outfit over time.