Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Great Scott!

It's time to go back to the future!

Doc Richardson and Aaron McFly are back in a all new adventure.

Yes ladies and gentlemen roll up, roll up for the greatest show on earth again. Like Back to the Future II and it's cousin Back to the Future III I'm back baby for another year of p-far making madness!

Now how did this fantastic turn of events come about. Whilst riding Betty around Brisbane and down in Evandale she kept mentioning she'd like a sister. Not just any sister oh no that wouldn't do for Betty, she wanted the 6 Million Dollar Man version with greater technology enabling her to go further and faster. I looked into her dark eyes and how could I say no.

So it was decided I'd go back and build a penny using cromoly steel and stronger velocity rim. Which I'll talk about in future posts.

This weeks class was a great event meeting my fellow class mates, watching a video and then they got their hands dirty profiling a rim. You'll notice if you look carefully at the picture below there is always one in a class!

Whilst they were doing the rim I went off to show how to head the spokes. There was of course a couple of slight problems with that considering last time it was like asking Gomer Pyle how to clean a torpedo. Bound to go wrong. Which of course it did I couldn't find one of the spacer washers then after 15 minutes of searching found it, then moved the machine out of the way of the rim going through the doorway and lost the washer again essentially bring the spoke heads to a halt. Well can't say I didn't warn everyone! Got a bit of home work doing the cotter pin connection for the axle and looking for a set of rear forks I've got one set that will do but will continue to look to see if I can find something else.

Great Scott x13!

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  1. Your workshop (aka lair) definitely needs more yellow tubing..
    thats all i have.